Group Collects 1,300 Pounds Of Food For Loaves & Fishes

A nonprofit called Heart of Clawstle helped collect more than 13-hundred pounds of food for Loaves & Fishes. 300 pounds came from the Mini Queens Team at Cheer Athletics. To tell us more about this group effort is Kimberly Ferruzzi, Director of Heart of the Clawstl, team member Isla Kate and Sue Bruce from Loaves and Fishes. Kimberly tells us Heart of Clawstle is a nonprofit that raises money for kids to do competitive cheer. She says another big part is for the group to do community service in the state of North Carolina for other nonprofits. Kimberly says they decided to do a food drive to help Loaves & Fishes, but they turned into a little competition for their members. Sue tells us they are so thankful for these hunger heroes. She says this food will go right back out and help people right here in the community. 


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