Frosé and Froscato: Cool down with these boozy ‘Whips’ all summer long

Pokeatery Charlotte shows us how this native Hawaiian treat is starting a buzz on the mainland - with a twist.

The unofficial drink of summer 2019 here and it’s available in Charlotte at the Pokeatery in Uptown. Pokeatery, located in the Epicentre, is serving up a couple of unique boozy drinks just in time for the hot temperatures.

Frosé and Froscato: What is it?

The base: We’re all about this base! Your choice of rosé or Moscato wine help float the drink.

The main middle: Dole Whip is a sorbet, icecream-like treat served mainly in the Dole Plantation in Hawaii but also has a “cult following” among Disney Land and Disney World theme park goers. It’s a dairy-free soft serve that tastes fruity and creamy. Pokeatery serves it up in both strawberry and pineapple flavors.

The best on top: Fresh pineapple tops the Froscato.

How much?

The Frosé and Froscato are $7 each.

Where can I get as soon as possible?

Pokeatery Charlotte is located in the Epicentre at 210 E Trade Street.