Give $20, Tag 20 Challenge

The Humane Society of Charlotte kicks off a new challenge today. It is called the Give 20, Tag 20 challenge and the goal is to raise 1 million dollars. Shelly Moore is the President and CEO at Humane Society of Charlotte. She joined us on QC@3 to talk about how this challenge works and what they’re using the money for. Shelly tells us they wanted to find a way to engage the greater Charlotte community in this project. She says she knows a lot of people who love their cats and dogs and appreciate what the Humane Society does. Shelly says usually with big campaigns, they require a large gift, but with this challenge, anyone can participate. She tells us this will help them get closer to their goal, so they can begin construction on their new facility. Be sure to listen to how you can get involved in this challenge! The steps are really easy. 

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