Green Book Stop: Original Chicken ‘N Ribs

Recently on QC Morning, the North Carolina African American Heritage Center showcased its newly curated Green Book list as a traveling and virtual exhibit. Historically the publication was called the Negro Motorist Green Book, published between 1936 and 1966. There were 327 businesses listed in the book, a travel guide, and a tool used to fight against racial bigotry during Jim Crow.

You can watch that interview:

We thought it would be cool to track down a couple of these businesses compiled by the North Carolina African American Heritage Center.

Original Chicken ‘N Ribs is one of 3-hundred 27 businesses on the Green Book List. The popular soul food restaurant has been a QC favorite since 19-52.  And the restaurant, located at the corner of Beatties Ford and Oak-lawn, is still a QC hot spot today. Back in the 50s and 60s, the West Charlotte staple was a safe zone for blacks living in and traveling through the South. Folks hungry for food and conversation, could stop and grab a delicious meal without fear of harassment. Many African Americans recall carrying a copy of the Green Book in their car glove compartments as they traveled. Chicken N Ribs could offer them a hot meal of chicken, ribs, greens, beans and so much more.

Many of the buildings in the NC African American Heritage Center’s Green Book virtual display and exhibit were demolished during urban renewal. Original Chicken N Ribs is one of the few businesses still standing in its original location. The menu today at Original Chicken N Ribs has grown. They still offer their signature chicken and ribs, but they also have Philly Cheesesteaks, hand-rolled burgers, hush puppies, and more. It’s a hot spot, so we recommend you call first.

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