Charlotte woman coaching people how to take their grief to gratitude

Willetta Jones believes she was built to help people when they are experiencing grief of a loved one.  Jones went to school to become a teacher with a focus in special education.  After she retired she fell in love with supporting people who lose someone special.  She went back to school to become a grief coach.

“It’s like I woke up one day and the Lord said You need to do this,” Grief Coach Willetta Jones said. “This is something you need to do.”

It took a while before pursuing that thought.  She took care of her mother and mother-in-law until they passed away.  During that time she learned the importance of having somebody present to help guide you through grief.

“Death affects each person differently,” Certified Grief Coach Willetta Jones said. “So with the coaching, you help people realize that the grief is normal. We are taught during our lifetime how to deal with different things but we are not taught how to deal with loss or how to deal with death.”

Jones says down through the years people have reached out to her – whether it was to take them to a doctor’s appointment or help them write an obituary for a family member. She is fulfilling her calling of being a grief coach.

“Grief coaching is a support system for people who are going through,” Jones said. “Loss – most of the time we think about death, but loss comes in many forms – it can be loss of a job – it could be a loss of a pet – it could be loss of a relationship.”

Jones tells us the difference between a grief coach and a grief counselor.

“A counselor will have a diagnosis for a particular situation,” Jones said. “With grief coaching I guide, facilitate and aid people to discover the tools that are within themselves so that they can go through the process of grief of that journey.”

Jones says if things get complicated she will refer her client to a grief counselor.  She loves what she does – she believes she is making a difference.

“It’s very rewarding,” Jones said. “And it brings joy to your heart.  You can help someone get through situations.”