Hanging Out At Truist Field

"Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd!"

Sports are starting to come back, baseball isn’t quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean the ballparks have to stay closed. Jonathan Stacey took a trip out to what is now called Truist Field. The Charlotte Knights made the big announcement yesterday. We caught up with Tommy Viola to talk about this name change, a fun event happening this weekend and how to grab a Charlotte’s Knights face mask. Tommy says the new name change is an exciting way to reopen the field. This weekend the Knight’s are offering a really cool experience with disc golf, food and lots of fun. And of course, you’ll get to hang out with Homer the Dragon. Fans can make reservations online. Tommy was also wearing a Charlotte Knights face mask, we’ve mentioned those on QC Morning before, check out how to purchase one of those, here