Happy Birthday! Here Are Freebies You Can Get from Businesses

Celebrate your birthday by saving money!

You typically get gifts from your friends and family on your birthday. That’s to be expected. But you know what isn’t as common? Rounding up all those birthday freebies people get from restaurants and other businesses for their big day! So with 2 rules and a budget of $0,  Katy and Callie decided to do a 3-course meal challenge to decide where to pick up a free drink, a free meal, and a free dessert! You might have seen this trend on TikTok.

Here’s how it work:

(You could play this on a date or with a best friend)

  • There are 3 rounds! (You can choose 4 if you want to add an appetizer)
  • Each round starts with a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Let’s say you start with drinks. The person who wins gets to decide if you’re headed to Starbucks, Dunkin’, or another favorite spot.
  • Once you’ve wet your whistle, it’s time for round two.
  • Be sure to take pictures of your fun adventure and challenge other people to play along!

Here is a list of birthday freebies to choose from! Did we miss something? Tell us! Send us an email letting us know.