HAUNTED: Charlotte’s Most Historic Hotel Has a Mischievous Ghost Named Dusty

The Dunhill Hotel has been open in some form since the 1920s, and for as long as employees can remember, Dusty has been a permanent resident.

The Dunhill Hotel has been a staple on the corner of Tryon and 6th Streets for nearly 90 years.

Originally opened in 1929 as the Mayfair Manor, the hotel has seen its fair share of highs and lows in the Uptown area. When the current owners took over in the 80s, it was completely revamped and has kept up with the times ever since. To quote the assistant general manager Jay Brown, “Historic, but not old.”

The hotel is not modern by any means, though it has all the luxuries of modern life. It holds a history within its walls, and where there is history, haunted talk will likely follow.

The Dunhill is no exception. Both employees and hotel patrons have had weird experiences they chalk up to one thing – Dusty.

Brown says the legend of Dusty has been around as long as any employee can remember. He’s best describes as mischievous, making his presence known by opening and closing blinds, moving glasses, opening the elevator and knocking when no one is around. Several employees share their experiences with Queen City Weekend, and we’ll leave it up to you on if you believe….