Highlighting Hotels that Give Back

Have you planned a trip for this year? As more people make the decision to travel safely, what about doing a little good when you go? It may be easier than you think. Meg James is the founder of Go and Do Good Hotel Directory. She joined us on QC Morning to highlight some hotels that give back to charities and mission projects. Meg says before the pandemic, she and her husband took a trip to Machu Picchu and came across a hotel that’s running a school for 250 children. She says the school is called  Sol y Luna. She says this inspired her to find other hotels doing good things for others. She says since then, she has added about 100 hotels to their Go and Do Good Hotel Directory. 

  1. Omni Charlotte https://goanddogood.com/2021/02/omni-charlotte-hotel/
  2. Chetola Resort https://goanddogood.com/2021/01/chetola-resort/
  3. Barnsley Resort https://goanddogood.com/2019/09/barnsley-resort/
  4. Snowshow Mountain Resort https://goanddogood.com/2021/01/snowshoe-mountain-resort/

Find more information:https://goanddogood.com/

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