How NoDa Is Handling The North Carolina Mask Mandate

"You must learn to take care of yourself while we are having to self-isolate, social distance."

We are 4 days into the mask mandate in North Carolina and we wanted to see how it is going. Where better to check the temperature than the popular NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte. Here, people are out in big numbers supporting businesses and grabbing grub. Fun for sure but where does safety fit in?

Cheryl spoke with two businesses owners in the NoDa neighborhood. Owner of Queen City Poppin‘, Rolston Gabriel says it was tough for his business when COVID-19 started, but now costumers are back. He says people are keeping their distance for the most part. Some are wearing masks, others not so much. Queen City Poppin’ is set up outside and mask wearing is not a requirement outdoors in North Carolina, as long as people stay at least six feet apart. But when indoors, no mask, no entry, at least at Pura Vida. The specialty shop in the heart of the neighborhood has a ten customer limit in the shop. Teresa Hernadez says for the most part they are attracting people who are very careful and want to take care of themselves and others. Although, last Friday night she says there were a couple of people who refused to wear the mask and seemed a bit angry and refused to come in, and we were fine with that” 

Cheryl also talked to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jacqueline Jones McKinney about why wearing masks is so important. Dr. Mckinney says you must learn to take care of yourself while we are having to self-isolate, social distance. For those who cannot wear a mask because of underlying conditions, self care might mean shopping online or using curbside pickup.