How To Talk About Politics And Social Issues While Dating

From politics to social issues, there has been a lot to talk about in 2020. But should you talk about those things while dating? Lauren Frances, author and love coach, joined us on QC@3 to give us some much-needed dating advice. Lauren tells us right now online dating and app dating are the most popular forms of getting to know someone this year. She says the secret is to try and figure out who is the right person for you without going on a lot of wrong dates. 

Lauren tells us for the first time in years, politics has become front and center in everyone’s lives. She says because of this it’s important to put this in your profile or check it off in the preferences on your apps. She says a lot of times people will swipe right through just because they like your photo. Lauren suggests if you feel strongly about a topic you should include it at the bottom of your profile.

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