It’s quiz day in Mr. Russell’s Classroom! Did you study?

It’s Friday…which means it’s time for our weekly quiz! This week’s lesson from J-Stace the Science Ace focused on Daylight Saving Time. So did you study? Did Kristen and Mary? Take the quiz below, then watch to see how they did!

Which hemisphere gets more sunshine during the spring and summer months?

A: Northern
B: Southern
C: Eastern


In which century did Benjamin Franklin conceive DST?

A: 16th
B: 17th
C: 18th
D: 19th


What year was Daylight Savings Time signed into law in the United States?

A: 1940’s
B: 1950’s
C: 1960’s
D: None of the above


Which US states don’t observe daylight saving time?

A: Hawaii and Colorado
B: Hawaii and Arizona
C: Hawaii and Montana
D: Hawaii and Nevada




Answers: A, C, D, B