It’s Quiz Day In Mr. Russell’s Classroom!

It’s Friday…that means quiz day in Mr. Russell’s Classroom! This week we learned all about the inauguration. Hopefully you studied up! Mary and Kristen did pretty well…now it’s your turn!

1.) Which HBCU did Vice President Kamala Harris attend?

A. Hampton University

B. Spelman College

C. Howard University

D. Morgan State University


2.) Vice President Kamala Harris is the first _____ to become US Vice President

A. Woman

B. Black

C. person of South Asian Descent

D. All the Above


3.) Kamala Harris is the United States’ ___Vice President

A. 48th

B. 46th

C. 47th

D. None of the Above


4.) What is found in the US President’s Oath of Office?

A. “…preserve, take pride, and defend the Constitution”

B. “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”

C. “…preserve, honor, and defend the Constitution”

D. None of the above.


Extra Credit: Who said “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”?

A. President Bill Clinton

B. President Theodore Roosevelt

C. President Franklin Roosevelt

D. President Ronald Reagan


Answer Key:

1) C

2) D

3) D

4) B

Extra Credit: C