J-Stace The Science Ace Walks On Eggs

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With Easter right around the corner, Jonathan thought it would be fun to see how many experiments we can do with eggs! You might want to head outside for this one, it could get a little messy!

We’re literally walking on egg shells!

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Two or more one-dozen eggs in the carton
  • Trash bags


  1. Evaluate the eggs in the carton. Make sure you don’t start with any cracked eggs.  The should all be seated the same way in the carton  – the large rounded end should be on the bottom.
  2. Step on the eggs. See how your weight distribution will allow you stand on them without breaking.


The Science Behind the Experiment 

The shape gives the egg tremendous strength with its high top-arch and bottom-arch similar to a three-dimensional arch which is one of the strongest architectural forms. So by putting the pressure on the arches the egg becomes extremely strong.

Today’s vocabulary word is: Pressure – a measure of force per unit area