Yes, these new KFC Crocs shoes smell like fried chicken


KFC Crocs
Source: KFC

What do Kim Kardashian and Colonel Sanders have in common? The newest collaboration in fashion: KFC Crocs.

We’ll never know if the Colonel dreamed of wearing a pair of fried-chicken themed shoes with his trademark white suit, but he would surely approve of these slip-on shoes, which are going on sale at noon, July 28th.

They not only look like a striped bucket of chicken, with Sander’s eyes peeking out at the heels, but they also come with two removable, chicken-scented (YUM!) “Jibbitz” charms that look just like fried chicken drumsticks.

They can be yours for $59.99 and will be sold only on Croc’s website. For every pair they sell, KFC will donate $3 to their foundation’s REACH Educational Grant Program, which helps employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants to further their education through college scholarships.

And yes, Kim Kardashian received a pair of KFC Crocs already. Not only did she get an early release, but she was also sent the EXCLUSIVE “bucket clog”, featuring a 4.5″ platform. You can only dream of such luxury, but at least your feet can smell the same when you wear them.

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