Kristen Hampton Explains Why Getting A Mammogram Is Important


Normally when Kristen Hampton goes live on Facebook, she’s testing something in her car or talking about something that’s going to make you laugh. But yesterday was different and it’s something that’s very near and dear to Kristen’s heart. She joined us on QC Morning to talk about it.
Yesterday, Kristen Hampton went live on Facebook while getting a mammogram. There are several reasons why Kristen is so passionate about this topic. In 2014, Kristen’s best friend passed away from cancer. In 2015, Kristen got her own mammogram. That’s when doctors found a radial scar in her left breast. She then convinced her wife to get a mammogram and they found she had stage 2 breast cancer. She just finished chemo treatments, radiation, and a double mastectomy. Kristen tells us her prognosis looks good because her treatment was caught early with a mammogram
She tells us the whole point of it, is to make people stop and realize how important this really is.
If you missed her Facebook live, you can watch it here!