3 Creative Ladies In The Queen City

Tim and Matt share three things to get us excited about in the Queen City!

From cross-stitching to drawings, and a very impressive teen. If you need some help getting the creative juices flowing, the guys from Charlotte Is Creative are the ones to turn too. This week Matt and Tim are sharing about 3 talented ladies in Queen City.

  1. Corrie Liotta –¬†Remember those super cool zoom backgrounds we told you about last week? The backgrounds were created by local artists here in the QC. Corrie is one of those artists. She has recently taken up a 30-day sketch¬†challenge. Matt and Tim say they love seeing what she’s created each day! She is also working on another children’s book. Talk about talent!
  2. Kelly Rose Creative – Is it Friday yet? Cross-stitch artist, Kelly Rose has created the perfect masterpiece that says exactly what we feel about it only being Wednesday.
  3. Kayden Hunt – Kayden is the outgoing student body president at Ardrey Kell. She is known for her work painting the rock in front of her school with a Black Lives Matter message after graduation, but Matt and Tim were proud to get her photographic eye on Charlotte as part of their Visions of the Not Normal series with Charlotte.

Side note: On Thursday, July 30th at 11:00 a.m. there will be a free, forty-minute talk from Interact Studios with Taiwo Jaiyeboa, the assistant city manager and Monica Holmes from the City of Charlotte about why they greenlit the BLM mural in Uptown, what happened after it was painted and what’s in store for it now. Matt and Tim will be moderating the discussion. Listen in, here!


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