Latke-palooza By New Scratch Jewish Deli Meshugganah

Chag Urim Sameach!

Hanukkah begins tonight! That means it is the perfect time to enjoy a Latke. In fact, a new scratch Jewish deli in the Charlotte-area is hosting a Latke-palooza this weekend! Rob Clement is the Head Mensch at Meshugganah. He joined us on QC@3 along with his son, Oscar (what a cutie!) to talk about what you can expect from the upcoming event. 

If you’re wondering what the word, Meshugganah means, Rob says it’s a Yiddish word for someone that is a little crazy. He says anyone that knows him understands why he chose this word for the deli. Rob says they started a couple of months ago and it’s basically a pop-up deli. He says they’ve been doing events at Free Range Brewery and some delivery events as well. Rob tells us when they moved here, he felt like the food he grew up on and the food his deli is making is very underserved in the Queen City. He says that’s the reason he decided to open this business.

You can view the menu for this weekend’s Latke-palooza 👇


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