Let’s Get Real About Dating, Part 2

Five men share dating and relationship advice.

Today we assembled an all-star panel of men to talk about something men don’t usually talk about…dating!  These five guys come from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Meet our panel:

  1. Shaun Jones – Comedian/Actor
  2. Jonathan McFadden, Co-Host of Dating While Christian
  3. Matt Chandler, WBTV Content Marketing Manager
  4. Cullen Jones, Two-Time Olympian
  5. Rashawn Gray, RAIN Peer Outreach Specialist

Listen to what they had to say when we ask them these four questions!

Second Round Questions:

  1. How long should you date someone before introducing them to your parents?
  2. What advice do you have for couples who may be losing that “spark”?
  3. Why do you think romance is so commercial these days and do you fall for that? Where’s the intimacy and quality time that used to be Valentines Day?
  4. Where should millennial guys go to meet young single women?