Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Let’s Learn About Botany

Today in Mr. Russell’s Classroom, we learned about Botany, which is the study of plants.  Professor Jason Myers met up with author, educator, and garden consultant, Emily Shepherd to talk about some food you can eat in the form of herbs. She also shared some tips on how kids can start a herb garden.

Emily says, “Herbs are the best way to get started, hands down, super forgiving, so you want to start children off with herbs. This is a great time of the year to start to garden, most people don’t realize that, but fall is perfect in Charlotte.”

Emily gave us an example of what size box to use for planting herbs. She tells us she taught gardening for three years in schools, so she knows what kids love to do. She says one of those things is to brew their own tea. Emily says you can grow tea leaves like Roman Chamomile or mint. She says children also love edible flowers. Emily says you can eat those off the plant or you can decorate a cupcake with that. She also showed us how to plant a couple of salad greens.

When it comes to planting, Emily tells us, “It’s important to leave pockets of space, if you are going to start with some plants, and then you are going to add some seeds to fill in space. You probably want to let your child pick these out because it’s super important that they have some investment.”

Remember, you’ll also need plenty of sunlight and water to keep your plants growing healthy and strong. Emily also suggested using fertilize about every three weeks.

You can find more information on her social media accounts below and be sure to check out her book, Yard to Table – You Can Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden:


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