Bringing Live Entertainment Back To North Carolina

It’s been about six months since we’ve had live entertainment in North Carolina. Venues have gotten creative by finding ways to do things virtually, but it’s just not the same. That’s why more than 2 dozen venues have teamed up to create the NC Live Coalition. That includes Blumenthal Performing Arts. Tom Gabbard is the president and CEO and he joined us QC Morning. Tom tells us it breaks his heart to see empty seats in the theatre because it’s usually full of life. He says the Belk Theatre and the other venues haven’t gone this long without a performance, but they are looking ahead to restarting with new safety measures. Tom tells us the NC Live Coalition started during the pandemic. He says they realized there was a need for everyone to communicate what each venue was doing including ideas, best practices. Tom says it also gave them an opportunity to communicate collectively with government. He says government is hearing from a lot of people, so to hear from them as a unit is a benefit to everyone. We ask Tom about a timeline of when everything will open back up. Listen to what he has to say!


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