Local shelter joins challenge to bring lost pets back home

A local shelter is stepping up to a challenge of getting lost pets back home. It’s called the “No place like home challenge”. There are also things you can do to help your pet from getting lost and important steps to take when they do. Julia Conner is a CMPD Animal Care & Control officer. She joined us on QC@3 to tell us more about this challenge. Julia tells us there’s nothing like a reunion. She says finding a pet and returning them to their owner is a wonderful thing to see. Julie says one of the best ways to find your lost pet is to get them microchipped. She says when a dog is brought into the shelter and they have a chip. They are able to scan the chip and find out who the animal belongs to. 

Watch the FULL video to hear more about the “No place like home challenge”.

Need more info: https://charlottenc.gov/AnimalsCMPD/Pages/default.aspx


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