Loop The Loop 2021

Prizes for walking!? We’re in! Bundle up, get outside, and loop the loop! Annette Privette Keller is the director of communications and marketing for Kannapolis. She joined us on QC Morning to talk more about how you can get active and win prizes throughout the year. Annette tells us the city of Kannapolis’s brand is “Live a healthy life, discover a healthy life” and the city has natural loops in the downtown area. She says they took what they already had and put it together as a marketing tool. She says they’ve had a great response, this will be their 5th year. Annette says they don’t care where you walk, just get out and do it! And you’re not the only one who can win prizes for walking, Annette tells us your dog can too!
Watch the video to see what prizes you could win and how far you’ll have to walk to win them!
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