New Company Is Making Fashion Easy For Everyone

“We match you to a professional that can help, whether a makeup artist, an aesthetician, someone who can do your spray tan, someone who can book your beauty or a personal stylist.”
Are you having a fashion emergency? Maybe you just need a little help in that department. A new company in the QC aims to be the one-stop-shop for your style and beauty needs. It’s called Prept, and the women at the helm are planning a big debut party. You can join the debut party, here! All virtual events are FREE!  
“What we wanted to do with Prept is Make it feel approachable, easy. We wanted to take them through and figure out what their needs are, walk through our process with them and match them with a service they need.”

Prept offers services ranging from hair to wardrobe. Here’s how it works, you fill out a beauty profile online and the Prept beauty experts get to work. They quickly find you a personal stylist at your service, online or in-person.


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