Making Hot Dogs With Kristen Hampton

It’s Tuesday and for those that follow Kristen Hampton on Facebook, you know today is Product Testing Tuesday. Kristen joined us on QC Morning with an exclusive product to test. It took Kristen a few minutes to figure out how the 8 Hot Dog Roller With Bun Warmer was supposed to work. Part of the problem was someone *cough cough* Kristen *cough cough* didn’t want to read the instructions. So, she had issues fitting 8 hot dogs on the roller. She also couldn’t figure out how to get the hot dogs to roll. It took so long we had to check back in with her at the end of the show, to see if it actually worked.
Surprisingly, Kristen had found a way to make it work! We think her favorite part was showing us the bun warmer! Kristen made her hot dog, slathered it in ketchup, tasted her product, and almost spit it out, it was so dang hot! Next time, she should probably let it cool down a little.