Making time for others: How bingo can come in handy this year

Making time for others: It sounds easy, but remembering to follow through can sometimes be a challenge with distractions. Over the past year, you may have found yourself with a little more time on your hands thanks to being at home during the pandemic.

We’re all used to hearing this word at the beginning of a new year: Resolutions. Maybe it’s finding time to exercise more, stay on track, learn a new skill, or stay in touch with friends – all of these goals require time and maybe a helpful reminder or two along the way. Our expert Jenny Beaumont, Owner and Director of Swan Learning Center, shares a few helpful tips on time management.

Tip #1: Don’t wait and put things off 

Bringing in the trashcan from the curb, paying a bill, emptying the dishwasher – we’ve all been there! Jenny says “touch it once.” Instead of thinking too much about it, go ahead and do it now. You’ll save time and you won’t get bogged down with things to do later on.

Tip #2: Focus on individual goals over time 

For this one, Jenny says “any amount more.” We all want to improve our life, but sometimes we try to improve too many things at one time. By focusing on improving one thing at a time and doing that one thing well, we’re helping to eliminate some of the anxiety when it comes to trying to accomplish everything at once. Jenny says by improving anything “any amount more” it will help improve your quality of life as a whole in return.

Bonus tip: Use a bingo board as a way of remembering to catch up with friends 

We love our friends, but sometimes life can get in the way and we don’t make enough time to spend and catch up with them. A helpful tip Jenny uses to make sure she stays in touch with the people in her life is by using a bingo board. Write a name down in each square and start filling the board up! It’s a game where you don’t even need a free space.


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