Man Shares History Of Slavery Through Performances

It’s the beginning of Black History Month. Clinton College alumnus and current Coordinator of Alumni Affairs at the Rock Hill HBCU, Dontavius Williams,  is bringing slave history to life through historical interpretation. The history of slavery in America can be a sordid tale. Dontavius has combed through archives and slave narratives to decipher the complex truths about slavery in South Carolina and beyond.

Dontavious has turned this passion for African American history into a hands-on educational experience for us all. He calls the performances The Chronicles of Adam. Adam was an enslaved person living in York County in the 19th Century. He was skilled as a blacksmith and valued at $1000. Dontavius walks in Adam’s shoes as he performs, sharing the trials and tribulations of the cultural endeavor is also a business enterprise. Dontavius gleaned the skills during his time as a student at Clinton College years ago. Now, he shares his knowledge with students at Clinton College and people all over the country for on-site performances of The Chronicles of Adam.

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