Meet the Bold Missy Behind Charlotte’s First Female-Owned Brewery

The nickname came from a former boss, and it just stuck.

If you ask the employees of the Bold Missy Brewery what exactly a ‘bold missy’ is, you’ll get a pretty non-traditional response. The answer is along the lines of ‘someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks and strives to do her best, setting an example.’

You could say the same about owner Carol Waggener who says she’s the first 100 percent female-owned brewery in Charlotte.

The brewery takes its name pretty seriously. In fact, all of the beers will be named in honor of famous ‘bold missies’ throughout history. The flagship four include Rocket Ride IPA for Sally Ride, Git Yer Gun Golden Ale for Annie Oakley, Solo Flight American Brown Ale for Amelia Earhart and Find Your Way Wheat Ale for Diana Nyad. Seasonals include And You Get A Lager! for Oprah and On Pointe Hibiscus Sour for Misty Copeland.

The brewery will officially open on May 13th with a grand opening celebration starting at 5 p.m. and going until 10 p.m.