Meet Charlotte is Creative’s New Best Friend: Demond Richardson

It’s National Hat Day! Our friends from Charlotte is Creative want to introduce you to their new best friend. Meet Demond Richardson! He lives right here in Charlotte and he makes cool, custom-made hats. 👇

Source: Demond Richardson

Matt Olin from Charlotte is Creative joined us on QC@3. Matt talked about how they found out about Demond. Matt tells us in anticipation for National Hat Day, on Monday they ask their followers who the best custom hat maker was in Charlotte. He tells us they got plenty of comments, but most of them said Demond Richardson. Matt said they reached out to Demond and ask him to be Charlotte is Creative’s new best friend and the rest is history.

Demond Richardson also joined us on the show. He shared with us how he got into the hat business and where his inspiration comes from. Demond tells us long story short, his family has always taught him how important it is to present yourself well. He says he created his first hat centered around where he grew up and people loved it. He says his business has really grown since then.

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