Mr. Russell Puts Our Knowledge To The Test

We’ve wrapped up the second week in Mr. Russell’s Classroom! Now it’s time to see how much we learned from this week’s lessons. Jonathan and Mary struggled on the last question, see how well you can do!


In Monday’s class it was said parents should do this during their children’s remote learning:

A. Don’t pay attention to their kids

B. Take a breath and be calm

C. Worry and complain

D. None of the above


In Monday’s class it was said this is the place where parents can get information needed for remote learning:

A. Mecklenburg County website

B. Mecklenburg County Library

C. CMS homepage

D. CMS television


In Wednesday’s class, what materials were used for our science experiment?

A. Dollar bill

B. Salt

C. Lighter

D. Water

E. All of the above


In Wednesday’s experiment, which statement is true?

A.Water can stop fire’s chemical reaction by taking away the heat

B. Fire is not a chemical reaction

C. Rubbing alcohol is not a flammable liquid

D. None of the above


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