Mr. Russell’s Classroom: A lesson in reading comprehension

In Wednesday’s Mr. Russell’s Classroom – Reading Comprehension was the assignment for the day. This week is Read Across America and many classrooms are reading diverse books to put a spotlight on the importance of reading. Some academic tests often include a reading comprehension component and oftentimes students forget what they have read and can’t answer questions that follow the reading exercise.  We found some helpful ways to remember what you read.  The book we used to stress reading comprehension is The Three Little Pigs.


The first thing that is suggested is to try to Make A Connection to the story.  If you use the story of The Three Little Pigs – you can ask yourself – have you ever been to a house made out of straw, bricks, or sticks. The next thing you can do to help increase your reading comprehension is Retell the Story.  It is helpful to tell the story in your own words and answer the question – what is the most important part of the story. The final thing is to Make Predictions – this is a great way for readers to stay engaged with the story and to see if they are using context clues to help determine conclusions.


We end this assignment about Reading Comprehension with vocabulary words taken from The Three Little Pigs.   The first word is Huff – a state of irritation or annoyance.  Furze – a very spiny and dense evergreen shrub.  One translation from the story uses furze instead of sticks as one of the building components for one of the pig’s houses.  The last word is Fortune – your overall circumstance or condition in life.


There will be a test on this subject in Mr. Russell’s Classroom on Friday.

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