Mr. Russell’s Classroom: A quiz on reading comprehension

It’s Friday and you know what that means….it’s time for another quiz in Mr. Russell’s classroom. This week’s quiz is about reading comprehension. Let see how you do, answer the questions below and find out much you know.

When sharpening your Reading Comprehension skills what does “Make Connections” mean?

 A. I love the story

B. I can Relate to the story

C. Story sounds familiar

D. Characters in the story are relatives

 Answer B


A state of irritation or annoyance is the definition of which word?

 A. Puff

B. Pout

C. Huff

D. Curse

Answer C


The purpose to “Make Predictions” when sharpening Reading Comprehension Skills mean?

 A. to keep reader engaged and to use context clues

B. to determine the next book to read

C. to determine how many books will be sold

D. to determine if there should be sequel

 Answer  A


What can the word “Furze” mean in The Three Little Pigs?

 A. Shrub

B. Stick

C Spiny yellow flower

D. All of the above

 Answer D


Study before taking the quiz:

Mr. Russell’s Classroom: A lesson in reading comprehension