Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Can you ace this week’s quiz?

It’s quiz day in Mr. Russell’s classroom! Did you study! Kristen and Mary said they didn’t study but they sure did a good job at guessing the correct answers! See if you can score a 100!

Question #1: What does the “E” represent in STEM?

A. Electricity

B. Energy

C. Engineering

D. Efficiency

Answer C

Question #2: Mechanical Engineer J-Stace’s wheelchair was designed for what type of surface?

A. Smooth

B. Rough Terrain

C. Sharp

D. Hilly

Answer: B

Question #3: What part of the wheelchair did Mechanical Engineer J-Stace have to improve?

A. The Whole Thing

B. The Seat

C. The Wheels

D. The Axles

Answer: C

Question #4: What part of the Engineering process would have made J-Stace’s wheelchair better?

A. Creativity

B. Collaboration

C. Optimism

D. Communication

Answer: B or D


Study up before you take the quiz:

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