Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Can you name the 8 parts of speech?

It’s test time in Mr. Russell’s classroom. Mary and Kristen were pretty nervous, but they aced it! We also had a little fun at the end with a Mad Libs game. We’ve posted our version of the story. Grab the kiddos, fill in blanks, and share your version.

I walk through the color jungle. I take out my _______________(adjective) canteen. There’s a ________(adjective) parrot with a ______________(adjective) _______________(noun) in his mouth right there in front of me in the _________(adjective) trees! I gaze at his __________(adjective) _______________(noun).

But before you have too much fun, here the quiz! Let’s see how much you remember from Wednesday’s lesson!

Question #1: Using IVAN CAPP – name the eight parts of speech.


Question #2: Using this sentence:

Kristen and Mary were so excited when they wore their red and green holiday sweaters.  When they saw themselves in the mirror, they said Wow!!!

Name the interjection?

Answer – Wow

Name the pronoun?

Answer -They

Name the verb?

Were , wore, saw, and said

Name the adjective

Answer – Red and Green

Question #3: What’s the most important part of Speech?

A. Noun

B. Pronoun

C. Verb

C. Adjective

 Answer C


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