Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Did You Study?

Uh Oh! Mary and Kristen definitely didn’t study up for Mr. Russell’s test. They were too busy getting their Halloween costumes together. See if you can answer all of the questions correctly. If you’re having a hard time like Kristen and Mary, Mr. Russell graciously gave us an extra credit question!

Question 1: The Greek word for democracy means:

A. Power for the people

B. People Power

C. People Standing up for Power

D. Powerful People

Answer: B

Question 2: The 15th Amendment that states no one will be denied the right to vote because of race and color was enacted in Year

A. 1860

B. 1865

C. 1850

D. 1870

Answer: D

Question 3: What’s on the ballot in Mecklenburg County

A. Judges

B. Affordable Housing

C. State Superintendent

D. School Board Members

Answer: D

Question 4: Neutralization is a chemical reaction, also called a

A. Water forming reaction

B. Water base reaction

C. Water model reaction

D. None of the above

Answer: A

Extra Credit

How many early voting precincts are there in Mecklenburg County?

A. 53

B. 33

C. 43

D. 63

Answer: B