Mr. Russell’s Classroom: IVAN CAPP

Class is back in session. Today’s subject, The English language.  Mr. Russell tells us when his daughter was learning to talk, getting her words together, she would go back mumbling, and he would say come on let’s use your words! All words in the English language belong to a word-class called parts of speech. Do you know your 8 parts of speech? if you don’t you will today. Let’s go!

The easy way to learn the eight parts of speech is to remember IVAN CAPP, his cap is very smart. If you look at it closely, it spells out the eight parts of speech.

  1. Interjection
  2. Verb
  3. Adverb
  4. Noun
  5. Conjunction
  6. Adjective
  7. Pronoun
  8. Preposition


  1. Interjection shows emotion – for example, Ouch, that hurts!
  2. Verb is used to show action or a state of being – for example, I ran to the store.
  3. Adverb adds more information about the verb or adjective – like – He ran quickly or She sings well.
  4. Noun is a personplace, animal or thing. The dog is sleeping.
  5. Conjunction joins together groups of words or sentences like – The sun is shining but it looks like it’s going to rain.
  6. Adjective describes a person place or thing like My train is red.
  7. Pronoun replaces a specific noun for example instead of Kristen loves to bake – you can replace it and say She loves to bake.
  8. Preposition describes location, time, or direction of an object. Can you spot the preposition in this sentence  The submarine is located under the water. Common prepositions:  of, in, about, through under, after. among, over, and at.

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