Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Mental Math Tricks

Mr. Russell’s Classroom talking about Math Tricks in the latest Mr. Russell’s Classroom. Abi Olukeye is the CEO of Smart Girls HQ and editor of Raising out of University City. Olukeye says despite people’s feelings about Math – it should be embraced.

“Math is in everything,” CEO Smart Girls HQ Abi Olukeye said. “Math gets such a bad rep because not a lot of people feel comfortable.”

Olukeye says math is part of people’s everyday life and people should have some math tricks up their sleeves. She calls it using your math muscle memory.

“If you’re into sports,” she said. “There’s a lot of math in the calculation and analytics of how people move and the physics of how bodies are moving…if you’re an interior designer, you’re calculating all day to make sure furniture fits where it needs to. We go to the store and we spend money – that’s math. We cook and we bake – that’s math fractions. So math is all around us.”

The CEO shared math tricks from subtraction to multiplication. She shared a math trick when subtracting any three-digit number from 1000. She says convert the digits to nine and the last zero to 10. She says you just subtract and you should come up with the answer. For example, she uses 1000 – 387. She says when doing this math trick you should come up with 613 without using a pen or paper.

“The nice thing about this trick is that you can scale it up or down,” Olukeye said. “So if you want to subtract a four-digit number from 10,000 you would do the exact same way.”

Another math trick shared was an easy way to multiply by 11.

“Let’s say you want to multiply by 11,” Olukeye said. “Add the two numbers and then put it in the middle. So 12 times 11, you’ve got the one plus the two – that’s three and it becomes 132.”

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