Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Pass Or Fail

You know what time it is! It’s time for a test in Mr. Russell’s classroom. Mary and Kristen didn’t do so hot last week, but this today they were on fire. Mr. Russell was very impressed! Did you study? See if you can ace all five of the questions.


Question 1: Three things that are important for health and fitness

A. Physical Strength, Nutrition, Communication

B. Physical Strength, Socialization, Nutrition

C. Physical Strength, Rest, Nutrition

D. Physical Strength, Emotion, Rest

Answer: C


Question 2: The exercise demonstrated in PE class

A. Lunge Twist

B. Stationary Lunge

C. Slide Lunge

D. Walking Lunge

Answer: B


Question 3: How many hours of rest should young children get?

A. 8-9

B. 8-10

C. 8-11

D. 8-12

Answer: B


Question 4: In a Simple Solution

A. One is called the solute the other is the solvent

B. One is called the agent the other is the diluter

C. One is called the dissolver the other is the element

D. One is called the solute the other is the dissolved substance

Answer: A


Question 5: When the polystyrene dissolves in the acetone

A. The air in the foam is captured

B. The air in the foam is released

C. The air in the foam expands

D. The air in the foam disappears

Answer: B


Extra Credit

Can you do a lunge for 10 seconds?


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