Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Quiz day on how certain creatures can forecast weather

It’s quiz day! We hope you were paying attention during this week’s segment on how cold-blooded creatures can be used to help determine the temperature.

Watch the lesson here if you missed it

Alright, here we go:

  1. The relationship between the air temperature and the rate at which crickets chirp is called what?A. Murphy’s Law

    B. Dolbear’s Law

    C. Law of Thermodynamics

    D. Planck’s Law

    (Answer: B)

    2. Humans are warm blooded creatures meaning their body temperature stays at what degrees?

    A. 96 degrees

    B. 97  degrees

    C. 98  degrees

    D. 99  degrees

    (Answer: C)

    3. How many chirps from a cricket per second are used to help determine the temperature outside?

    A. 10

    B. 15

    C. 20

    D. None of the above

    (Answer: A)

    4. How many crickets did J-Stace the Science Ace eat at the end of class?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 3

    D. 4

    (Answer: B)