Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Quiz Day

It’s Friday and you know what that means….it’s quiz day in Mr. Russell’s Classroom! And believe it or not, Kristen and Mary are doing a lot better on these quizzes. Dedrick has been so proud of them! So let’s see how you do on this week’s questions! Can you answer all of them correctly?


Question #1: Which African slave is believed to have introduced Inoculation to America?

A. Onesimus

B. Quash

C. Mingo

D. Mustafa

Answer A

Question #2: Inoculation was used to deal with what disease in Boston

A. Cowpox

B. Monkeypox

C. Chickenpox

D. Small Pox

Answer D

Question #2: When did Christina Jenkins get a patent for her invention of the hair weave?

A. 1950

B. 1951

C. 1952

D. 1953

Answer B

Question #4: What is the state where 15 year of Claudette Colvin didn’t give up her seat on a bus?

A. Mississippi

B. Georgia

C. Alabama

D. Kentucky

Answer C


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