Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Take a quiz on Thanksgiving and Engineering

It’s time for another quiz in Mr. Russell’s classroom. This time we’re answering questions about Mary’s Thanksgiving lesson on Monday and J-Stace’s Engineering experiment on Wednesday! Did you study? Take the test and let us know how you did?
Question 1: In Monday’s lesson we learned because of disease this is about how many Pilgrims were left on Thanksgiving in 1621

A. 40

B. 50

C. 60

D. 70

Answer: B


Question 2: In Monday’s lesson this is the year a US President decided Thanksgiving would be the fourth Thursday in November?

A. 1941

B. 1939

C. 1942

D. None of the above

Answer: D


Question 3: In Wednesday’s class we learned this is part of the Engineering Design Phase

A. Tell

B. Ask

C. Force

D. Compromise

Answer B


Question 4: In Wednesday’s snack zipline experiment which mathematical terminology was used

A. E (Expression)

B. F/E (Field Extension)

C. A/B (Probability Theory)

D. X/Y (Variables)

Answer: D


Extra Credit

What year did George Washington officially make Thanksgiving a holiday?

A. 1784

B. 1789

C. 1785

D. 1788

Answer – B