Mr. Russell’s Classroom: The inventor of the ironing board

It’s time for another lesson in Mr. Russell’s classroom. Today, J-Stace told us about the inventor of the ironing board and the science behind this invention.

She was a former North Carolina slave and her name was Sarah Boone. The idea for the ironing board came from wanting to get every wrinkle out of the dresses she made. At the time, another inventor had created an ironing table, but it was difficult to iron sleeves and women’s garments. So, Sarah invented the solution to this problem and created the collapsable modern-day ironing board.

J-Stace tells us scientists call this invention a simple machine.

Vocabulary word: Simple Machine – mechanical devices used to make work easier.

There are 6 types of simple machines:

  • Wheel & Axle
  • Inclined plane
  • Screw
  • Pulley
  • Wedge
  • Lever

Watch as J-Stace demonstrates what type of simple machine an ironing board is.


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