Mr. Russell’s Classroom: The Struggle Is Real

Friday is test day in Mr. Russell’s Classoom! And boy, did Kristen and Mary struggle to answer this week’s math and science questions correctly. Take the quiz and tell us how you did!

Question 1: Oxidation is defined as a process in which a chemical substance changes because the addition of..

A. H2O

B. A conductor

C. Oxygen

D. None of the above

Question 2: Carbon Compounds are pretty much…

A. Odorless at room temperature

B. Colorless at room temperature

C. Sterile at room temperature

D. Nonexistent at room temperature

Question 3: 10000 – 619 = ?

A. 9381

B. 8193

C. 9813

D. None of the above

Question 4: 31 x 11 = ?

A. 500

B. 341

C. 431

D. 31

Question 5: 17 x 11 = ?

A. 137

B. 178

C. 187

D. None of the above

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