Mr. Russell’s Classroom: Walking Water Rainbow Experiment

It’s time for another science lesson with J-Stace the Science Ace. And today he brought along a friend to help him out. Meet Jillian Klingberg with the Dottie Rose Foundation. We hope this experiment doesn’t cause the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to get stuck in your head all day!
  • Clear paper cups
  • Paper towels
  • Food coloring
  • Water


Color Mixing: Walking Water Rainbow

Here’s how it works:

The water “walks” up the paper towel by capillary action. This is the same way that plants get water from the ground and up through their roots and stems. This also looks at color theory and how primary colors can mix to form all the other colors. The computer science concepts discussed are around the areas of variables, and conditional statements. There is variability in the amount of water, color, and time and all can be collected via a datasheet.

Remember we have a test on Friday! Don’t forget to study!

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