Nate’s Notes: Ron Rivera’s Good News and Cam’s Fashion

It’s Monday and we want to start off this afternoon on a high note. The coach of the Washington Football team and former Panthers coach got a win OFF the field today. Nate Wimberly walked us through it in today’s segment of Nate’s Notes. Nate tells us this news was the best way to start a Monday! He says he’s so thrilled and happy for Coach Rivera! Nate says it has been a rough 7 weeks for him, but he never missed a game. Nate says this should bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Oh and did you know the Carolina Panthers are celebrating a birthday? Nate says considering everything the team has gone through it’s a pretty good birthday!

We also talked about Jeff Garcia criticizing Cam Newton’s outfit. Listen to what Nate had to say about that!


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