New artist to check out: Karen Poole

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Trying to make plans for this weekend? If you love music, there is a concert you should check out. It’s virtual and the music artist behind it is celebrating the release of her debut album. Karen Poole is a contemporary gospel artist and she has an amazing voice. We got a little preview on the QC@3. Dedrick also got a chance to talk to Karen about her new album and how she got her start. Karen tells us there’s a song on the album called “Hidden”. She tells us the song is about being safe in God’s arms. She says the overall title of the album relates to her journey and process of putting this whole thing together. She tells us it’s been a 10-year process. Karen says she feels like during this process God was hiding her and preparing her until this time. 

You can catch Karen’s virtual concert on Saturday, February 27th at 7:00 p.m.

Two types of passes are available: “Pay What You Can” and $5 – $7 Concert Passes:


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