NXT|CLT Helping Entrepreneurs of Color

A group in Charlotte wants to help entrepreneurs of color succeed. Before we get into that, let’s talk about why this matters. A study for the National Bureau of Economic Research finds the number of business owners in the United States plummeted when the pandemic hit. We’re talking a loss of 22 percent from February to April last year. The drop in business owners was the largest on record.

  • Businesses owned by African Americans were hit the hardest – a 41 percent drop.
  • Latinx business owners fell by 32 percent.
  • Asian business ownership dropped 26 percent.

NXT | CLT wants to make sure entrepreneurs have the tools to reach their goals. Anita Staton is an Entrepreneur and CEO of Miles Enterprise Solutions. Keisha Rivers is an NXT|CLT Advisor. They joined us on QC@3 to explain what NXT | CLT is and what tools they give out to help entrepreneurs of color. 

To find more info: https://www.nxtclt.org/

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