Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Introducing ‘Go Anywhere’ Style Bottle

Via Old Mecklenburg Brewery

Old Mecklenburg Brewery is adopting the “go anywhere” package with a shatter-proof bottle.

OMB says they are rolling out BPA-free PET bottles, which is an alternative to aluminum cans. The brewery will continue to use glass bottles as its primary package but will offer PET bottles at venues where glass isn’t allowed.

The brewery describes the bottles as being “perfect for use at golf course turn rooms, stadiums, concert venues, lakes, beaches and pools.”

The amber PET bottles are: recyclable, have zero impact, are shatter-proof, stay colder longer than cans, and protect beer from exposure to light the same as glass bottles do. The bottles are made by Plastipak and are popular in Europe.

One is PET and one is glass. Can you tell the difference?

Via Old Mecklenburg Brewery