Partnership to vaccine 1 million people by July 4th

Big News!

We got some good news this morning when it comes to rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine to more people, faster, in our region. There’s a big public-private partnership set to begin. Honeywell, Atrium Health, Tepper Sports and Entertainment, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway are all involved. The hope is to use the Speedway and Bank of America Stadium as vaccine distribution sites, with the goal of getting one million people vaccinated by the 4th of July.

The one million number wasn’t by accident.  That’s the population of Charlotte, and if 1 million people are vaccinated that gets us closer to herd immunity.

In case you’re wondering about Honeywell’s involvement, they are really good at the supply chain and logistics. We don’t know many details yet on how it is going to work or when it will begin but we promise to keep you in the loop.

There will be another location in Winston Salem, that location not determined yet.

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