Pictures Added to the Outside of Belmont’s Specialty Foods

There is a new addition to a store in Belmont.

Belmont’s Specialty Foods is a place to find groceries from small businesses – everything from salsa to taffy. Now, there is something new you can find there.

Owner Luke Manlove said you can see old photos that show off some of Gaston County’s history. Some customers would see familiar faces.

“What we found was that anybody that would come to the store to visit, their grandfather would be in one of the pictures, or their mom was a Belmont letter girl, or their uncle operated the train in Stowe Park,” Manlove said. He said the photos make people happy, which is one of the goals of his store.

QC Life’s Jordan Sawyers found out what else you should know before you visit, including why customers need to enter through the back of the store.